Film Snobbery, Orlando (interview)

On December 2nd, 2010, I appeared on Film Snobbery, hosted by Nic Baisley, with guests Sean Keohane from Pinnochio’s Marionette Theater and Heather Henson, founder of Ibex Puppetry.  We had a lively conversation about how the power of puppetry has flourished in recent years.

Film Snobbery, Orlando, 2010
Film Snobbery, Orlando, 2010

In the interview, I also spoke about my performance as David Bowie in the Goblin Party (a Labyrinth Sing-A-Long), the Handmade Puppet Dreams Film Series, The Puppet Slam Network, and Bride of Wildenstein – The Musical:

“I’m really interested in story and storytelling and I try not hide with the puppets. I’m a part of the shows and perform as a character in the shows. And I like to combine puppetry and drag and costumes and I think there’s a lot of similarities with suspension of disbelief.. And I have a lot of opinions about the world and I like channel them into my shows.”

Heather Henson’s Ibex Puppetry is an entertainment company dedicated to promoting the fine art of puppetry in all of its various mediums, nurturing work for a myriad of venues including stage, cinema, and gallery.  The Puppet Slam Network, which I co-founded with Henson ran from 2005 to 2016 through Ibex Puppetry and aimed to catalogue, connect, support and raise awareness for evenings of short-form puppetry for adults. The Orlando Film Festival promotes the arts in Downtown Orlando through the medium of film and creative, unique and entertaining events.

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