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For Immediate Release: 
November 25, 2005
Contact: Evan O’Sullivan

 “The Return of The Itching Man” at The Coolidge Corner Theatre 

On Friday December 2nd at 12 Midnight (The Itching Hour) , Boston’s beloved Performance-art Comic, Evan O’ Television gathers a nefarious band of absurdists, musicians, comedians and puppeteers together for a multi-genre bit of Midnight Itching and Late-Night Psychedlic Channel Surfing guaranteed to leave you tossing and turning. 

The Multi-Media event Begins at the Itching Hour and features an unforgettable, tour through: Hypnotism, Levitation, LSD, CookiePuss, Talking Meats, Kissing Cousins, Big Brother, Mysterious Disappearances, Plant Politics, Silent Screams and the Neverland Ranch. …You’ve Heard of “Burning Man” but you’ll never forget the Itching Man…

The event is the last show of the Coolidge Corner’s 2005 Midnight Series and marks Evan O’Television’s return to producing live events after a year long hiatus from his celebrated PAN 9 collaborations.

Performances will include:

Sketch comedy from the Walsh Brothers, Live Music by HumanWine, Loungey Laughs from the Steamy Bohemians, Puppet and object theatre by Marsian, Slapstick and silent cinema by Bony Lil, cinematic absurdity Peter Glantz, and argumentative entertainment from Evan O’Television.

About The Host/Performer:

Evan O’Television’s sketches are tightly scripted comic dialogues between Evan, the live performer and Evan, his pre-recorded television alter-ego. These absurdist comedy routines, sometimes called “video ventriloquism” are styled after the call-and-response dynamics of classic comedy pairings such as Abbot & Costello, Burns & Allen and the Smothers Brothers.  In 2006 Evan will debut his new one-man show “Evan O’Television Double Negatives”.

 Selected Press Quotes About Evan O’Television

“Light and funny on the outside, O’Television’s art is rich and meaty within.”
 – The Improper Bostonian

“A clever, high-tech update of an Abbot and Costello-type routine” – The Boston Globe

“A hilarious cross between Senor Wences and Ernie
Kovacs” – The Boston Phoenix

“Funny Stuff adds up to a lot more than a one-man show.” – The Providence Phoenix

“Exquisitely timed and uproariously funny performance art puppetry” – The Boston Globe
“One of a number of artists from other genres who are redefining puppetry.” – The Boston Globe
“The banter between the two Evans is fast, furious, and fun.” – The Providence Journal Bulletin
“A cross between an incredibly talented performance artist and a hilariously neurotic comedian.” – The College Hill Independent

 12 Midnight, December 2nd    
“Return of the Itching Man” 
 Coolidge Corner Theatre
 290 Harvard Street,
Brookline MA