Stuck Together, 1717, Los Angeles

On May 13, 2019, The (In)/Animate Objects collection was on view one last time during Studio Night at the Bendix, hosted by 1717, the Institute of Contemporary Art Los Angeles’ experimental art collective.

Wall Dolls A-1 to I-31, 2019, photo: Track 16

In (In)/Animate Objects, I tasked myself to create over a thousand handmade decaying rag dolls for an installation that focused on the obsessions of a doll-hoarding grandmother. (In)/Animate Objects formed the second half of a diptych with Object of Her Affection, a performance about a woman who in her search for true love develops intimate relationships with inanimate objects.


May 13th, 2019

Bendix Building
1206 Maple Avenue
Downtown Los Angeles


Acetelli Fine Art
A-B Projects
Gary Brewer + Aline Mare
Randy Colosky
Julia Couzens
Jamie Hamilton
Andrea Joki

Theresa Knopf + Ashley Mistriel Studio
Durden & Ray
Ladies’ Room
Robert Standish Studio 624
Tiger Strikes Astroid
Track 16
Alixe Turner

1717 provides year-round programming built on the intention to Connect, Learn and Care. Through artist- and artisan-led workshops, volunteer outings, wellness practices, city-wide excursions and more, the collective will undertake a comprehensive approach to navigating contemporary culture.

Track 16 is an art gallery located in downtown Los Angeles in the fashion district at the Bendix Building.


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