(In)/Animate Objects, Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions

photo: Alex Griffin

On October 31, I will present my installation, (In)/Animate Objects in the front window of Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions for Reunion, their Halloween fundraiser from 7:00PM to 1:00AM. 

LACE is located  at 6522 Hollywood Blvd 90028 on the Walk of Fame (just steps away from Hollywood Toy and Costume). General admission is $10 (or you can also view the installation from the sidewalk). There is a paid parking lot at Wilcox and Hollywood Blvd (or take Uber/Lyft for convenience).

In the piece, a mountain of decaying rag dolls towers to the ceiling, upon which their maker, the grandmother, presides from the throne of her wingback chair. Initially created for the COLA Fellowship exhibition, (In)/Animate Objects forms the second half of a diptych. Its companion, Object of Her Affection (which just finished a three week run at Automata) was a puppetry performance focused on a woman, who in her search for true love develops intimate relationships with inanimate objects.

The performance charted Andrea Lowe’s life of heartbreak from the loss of her baby blanket to doomed romances with monumental structures. Whether it was nature or nurture that made Andrea an object sexual, she happened to be raised by someone who shared a complicated relationship with things – her grandmother. Years have passed since Andrea has fallen from Roy, a crumbling tenement she was in love with. In sorrow, her grandmother has amassed thousands of decaying rag dolls that testify to the insatiable need for love at the heart of the obsessional life.

Photo: Broderick Fox

(In)/Animate Objects was made possible with funding from the Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs, with fabrication and other assistance from Adrian Rose Leonard, Aimee Rousey, Ajax Stevens Hulce, Alicia Louise Wells, Alissa Hunnicutt, Allison de Fren, Amanda Faith Maddock, Amy Rush, Andrew Schmedake, Anne Clendening, Ariel Brickman, Automata, Ben Durocher, Broome Street General Store, Charles Herman-Wurmfeld, Cheryl Revkin, Chris Sheets, Christine Papalexis, Dayna Mondello, Debra Broz, Devra Golden, Dolores De Lellis, Donna De Lellis, Eric Brightwell, Georgette Perantoni, Henry Watkins, Janie Geiser, Jenny Brown, Jean Marie Keevins, Jen Dohn Watkins, Jessie Anna Martinez-Wilton, Kate Katz, Kelly Hargraves, Kristin Charney, Lisa G. French, Liz Hara, Liz Brown, Liz Watson, Leah Olbrich, The Los Angeles High School of the Arts, Luca Dalzell, Matilda Dohn Watkins, Martin Nepton, Mia Dalzell, Morgan Rebane, Maria Cristina Jimenez, Michele Dunn, O-Lan Jones, Pam Arciero, Peggy Maltby Etra, Peter Ceili, PJ McWhiskers, Renata De Lellis, Ronald De Lellis, Sarah Oh, Sharon Challenger, Simone C. Williams, Spencer Lott, Stephan Counts, Taylor Bibat, Tiffany Hope, Tina Koneazny, Tim Lagasse, Tony Agostinelli, Una Zipagan, velvet leigh, Wyatt Gray, and Yoko Kanayama

LACE Reunion (In)/Animate Objects

Summoning past present future supporters of LACE, Reunion will be a night of brujas, performances, ritual spaces, invocations and encounters with “el más allá”. There will  be Music, drinks, performances, dance and more!! There will be performances by The Commons (Mireya Lucio + Sallie Merkel), Carmina Escobar, Miss Modular (NTS Radio), Xandão and music  by V.I.T.R.I.O.L.



Founded in 1978, LACE, an internationally recognized pioneer among art institutions, exhibits and advocates for innovations in art-making and public engagement.