Riting: Dolls, Gender + Barbie Liberation

On October 4, 2018, writer, Jane Pickett dropped this interview outtake from her piece in Riting on Object of Her Affection and its origins. In this clip I reflect on dolls, gender, and the work of the Barbie Liberation Organization

There’s something about dolls and gender too, that’s like, it’s a woman’s thing, or it’s for a feminine person, that like that I don’t necessarily feel is true. I mean boys have GI Joe figures. There was that whole Barbie Liberation Organization that took the voice boxes out of GI Joe dolls and implanted them in Barbies and vice versa. And so the GI Joe dolls were saying like, “I hate math”, and then they’d reverse-shoplift them and put them back in the shelves. I think it was in the late-80’s

video: The Barbie Liberation Organization

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