Riting: The Gentrification Of Queer Identity

video: Jane Pickett

For Throwback Thursday, writer, Jane Pickett dropped this interview outtake from her piece in Riting on Object of Her Affection. In this clip, I discuss the origins of the performance and what I see as the gentrification of Queer identity:

So there was this woman and she was professing her love to this amusement park ride and reading it poetry and then she was climbing under it and like getting her hands in the grease and smelling it and she just looked so happy and it was so refreshing, because at the time there was all this progress in LGBT rights, but at the same time it felt like Queer identity was becoming gentrified and that there was this march towards heteronormativity. There was a big focus on respectability. And there was just something about people that love buildings, and bridges, and structures that I found refreshing, cause it was out of the box and it makes you question, What is identity? What is sexual identity? If it’s not gender based… I mean these people are in love with things that aren’t even human.

In other news: Sunday, I was joined by our previous stage manager, Lupe Lucero (and Sebastian!) as we loaded into Automata.  Since then, I’ve been working with director Michele Spears, along with sound designer Becca Kessin, lighting designer, Andrew Schmedake… And today we met our new stage manager, Kajal. We’re excited about the opening next Thursday, September 27th… And all of this was made more possible because of your support.

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