LA Guild of Puppetry + Connecticut Guild of Puppetry (funding)

In June 2015, the Los Angles Guild of Puppetry and Connecticut Guild of Puppetry helped make it possible for me to attend the National Puppetry Conference at the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center in Waterford, CT. I worked with Roger Danforth and Steven Massicotte during the pre-conference on writing, where I started an outline for Model Killer. During the main conference, I was mentored by Ronnie Burkett on writing for The Feederand I also collected my ideas for an essay, Why Puppetry? Musings of A Solo Puppet Artistwhich was printed in HowlRound. As a thank you, I kept a video diary with of puppet artists. 

For my video diary, I interviewed Jean Marie Keevins (Associate Artistic Director), Fred Thompson (The Shopkeeper), Iain Gunn + Bridget Rountree (San Diego),  Ana Craciun Lambru (Romania’s Got Talent), a Peek Inside The Library, Restorative Yoga + Laugh Therapy at Video Anarchy, Torry Bend (Minneapolis), Lisa Lichenfelds (The Doll Lady), Laurencio Ruiz (Mexico),  Anna Fitzgerald + Kurt Hunter (UNIMA-USA), Instant Puppet Show, Leslie Carrara-Rudolph (NYC), The Writing Strand, Heather Asch (No Strings), Derron Wood (Flock Theatre), Ines (of Hugo + Ines) Holly Hepp-Galvan (on Plastic Surgery), Melissa Dunphy (Music Composition), Alice Gottschalk (Fab Theater, Germany), Jim Rose (Marionettes), Katie Correll (Biometric Robotic Puppets), and Iain Gunn (on tick checks and his Lyme Disease scare)

June 3, 2015

Jean Marie Keevins,
Associate Artistic Director at the National Puppetry Conference

Fred Thompson,
Shop Keeper
feat. Cam Garrity and Adam Kruetinger, and Tim Lagasse

Iain Gunn + Bridget Rountree,
San Diego Puppet Artists
feat. Tim Lagasse

June 4, 2015

Ana Craciun Lambru,
Romania’s Got Talent

Peek Inside the Library

Restorative Yoga + Laugh Therapy at Video Anarchy
ft. Tim Lagasse

June 5, 2015

Torry Bend,

Lisa Lichtenfels,
The Doll Lady

Laurencio Ruiz

June 6, 2015

Anna Fitzgerald
ft. Karen, Karen, Sharon Chalenger, Krista Weltner, Dana Sambroski, John Cody, Austin Costello, Sarah Nolan

Anna Fitzgerald + Kurt Hunter,

Instant Puppet Show

June 7, 2015

Leslie Carrara-Rudolph,

 June 8, 2015

Writing Strand
ft. Ian Gunn, Jenny Stoessner, Cam Garrity, Ronnie Burkett, Kalob Martinez

June 10, 2015

Heather Asch,
No Strings

Derron Wood
Flock Theatre

June 11, 2015

of Hugo + Ines

Holly Hepp-Galvan,
Plastic Surgery

Melissa Dunphy,
Director of Music Composition

June 12, 2015

Alice Gottschalk,
Fab Theater, Germany

Jim Rose,

June 13, 2015

Katie Correll,
Biometric Robotic Puppets

Iain Gunn,

The internationally-acclaimed Eugene O’Neill Theater Center is dedicated to encouraging and furthering the creative impulse which is at the heart of all theatrical expression – and the puppet arts are no exception. The mission of the National Puppetry Conference is to be a catalyst for the professional puppet artist’s growth and development through both the exploration of performance styles and skills, and the production of new works-in-progress for puppet theatre. The conference focuses on empowering puppet artists to create through the visual imagery and kinetic form of the puppet and enhancing their work through a collaborative dramaturgical process. The goal of the Conference is to encourage and create the highest quality of puppet art.

Created in 1956, the Los Angeles Guild of Puppetry is an association of puppetry professionals, amateurs, enthusiasts and educators dedicated to sharing, promoting and advancing the art of puppetry throughout the Greater Los Angeles area. All you need to join is an interest in puppetry!

The Connecticut Guild of Puppetry’s mission is to provide a meeting place and forum where people with an interest and love of the art form may share knowledge, ideas, trends, and creative endeavors. It is the intent of the Guild to encourage the raising of standards of the art of puppetry; to foster an awareness in the general public of the magic, wonder, and power of the puppet; and to encourage the use of puppetry as an educational tool.