Object of Her Affection, Hatchfund Los Angeles (support)

Object of Her Affection - Libby
Photo: Rafael Hernandez

Object of Her Affection‘s Hatchfund campaign just wrapped and we were able to raise a whopping $6,420 with 100 supporters!  I am truly humbled by your generosity.  Without your help, the performances this summer at Automata and REDCAT and our continued development as we gear up for the next phases of production would not be possible. I would like to take a moment to thank everyone supported the show.

Thank you to our Hatchfund supporters:


Alan Calpe
Alexandra Andresen
Alissa Hunnicutt
Allison Linamen
Amber West
Anna Huff
Anonymous (4)
Ariel Rodriguez
Arthur Poore
Barbara Carrellas
Basil Twist
Ben Durocher
Bernie Beauchamp
Caitlin Correll
Camelia Naguib
Carol Bixler
Catherine May
Chad Latham
Cheryl Revkin
Chi-wang Yang
Christine Papalexis
Christopher Sheets
Clarissa Estrada
Cloud Eye Control
Coleman Hough
Dan Evans
David Mack
Deborah Hunt
Deborah Sale-Butler
Debra Eckloff
Eleftheria  Lialios
Elizabeth Hara
Eric Kurland
Erica Frank
Erika Montenegro
Estee Taylor
Fariba Ghaffari
Felicia Funderburk
Felix Kam Chung
Frank Santos
Gina Lovoi
Grant Baciocco
Hopper Stone
James Godwin
Janie  Geiser
Jennifer Reeder
Kat Vinegrad
Kaylynn Raschke
Kelly Hargraves
Kelvin Kao
Kurt Hunter
Lawrence Siegel
Leslie Carrara-Rudolph
Leslie Tamaribuchi
Lindsay Buchman
Lorena Manriquez
Marissa Chibas Preston
Mark Erdmann
Mark Ruffin
Maya Ahuja
Melissa Dunphy
Mindy Donner
Michael Oleo
Moira MacDonald
Monica  Muniz
Nancy Smith
Nguyen  Nguyen
Pam Arciero
Paul McGinnis
Paul Spirito
Paul Zaloom
Rachel Rosenthal Company
Ray Busmann
Reed Garber-Pearson
Richard Schwass
Ronni Kappos
Ryan Dillon
Sam Brelsfoard
Sam Wayman
Sarah Frechette
Sarah Peterson
Shannon Dedman
Shari Goodhartz
Sharon Challenger
Steffany Vance
Sylvia Ann Soares
Teresa Flores
Thessaly Lerner
Val Sivilli
Valeska Populoh
Vanessa Gilbert
Wendy Morton
William Funderburk
Zachary Dorn
Photo: Rafael Hernandez
Photo: Rafael Hernandez

I would also like to thank all of  the support from foundations and organizations including:
The National Puppetry Conference at the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center, The Automata Residency Program, The Jim Henson Foundation, REDCAT, The Center for Cultural Innovation, and The Anna Sosenko Assist Trust.


And everyone who was so dedicated to the project, including:

Michele Spears, Director
Lupe Lucero, Stage Manager, Production Coordinator, Assistant
Lisa J. Maydwell, Production Manager
Moira Lael MacDonald, Lighting Design (Automata), Practical Lights
Tony Shayne, Lighting Design (REDCAT)
Rebecca Kessin, Sound Design
Grant Baciocco, Sound Effects
Christian Lee, Sound Assistant
Christine Papalexis, Lead Fabricator (Soft)
Chris Sheets, Lead Fabricator (Hard)
Liz Watson and Peter ‘Pepe’ Ceili, Lead Fabricator (Dolls)
Wallace Molina, Videographer (Automata)
Rafael Hernandez, Photographer (Automata)
Steve Gunther, Photographer (REDCAT)
Felix Kamchung, Cantonese Language Coach
P.J. McWhiskers, Dramaturd
Music courtesy of Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

Thank you to everyone on our fabulous fabrication team: Alison Mork, Andrea Wheeler, Chris Sheets, Christine Papalexis, Clarissa Estrada, Felicia Funderbunk, Hunter Wells, Jessica Scott, Kat Vinegrad, Kate Katz, Kristin Charney, Leah Olbrich, Liz Hara, Lupe Lucero, Marissa Parr, Milena Hunter, Nate Pontius, Nick Shoob, Pat Brymer, Sarah Oh, Tim Lagasse, and Yomy Lopez.

And an extra special thanks: Andrew Villaverde, Bill Ballou, Cricket Myers, Edgar Miramontes, Harvard Westlake School, Heretic Salon, Impro Theater, Jane Pickett, Janie Geiser, Kelly Hargraves, Lynn Jeffries, Mark Murphy, Maximo Torres, Miranda Wright, Ronnie Burkett, and Susan Simpson.

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