Object of Her Affection, Hatchfund Perks (support)

There’s Just days left in our Hatchfund Campaign

…And as of this posting, we still have $5,093 to raise! Please consider supporting this informative, important, and entertaining work.  All contributions are 100% tax deductible and there is an array of exciting perks. There is no risk in giving and all funds will be received regardless of how much we raise.  Although our sold-out shows at Automata and REDCAT have passed, there is still much work to be done – unexpected expenses and development for the premiere in the fall of 2015.  If you can’t contribute, please help spread the word by sharing this post or the link to our Hatchfund Campaign.  And thank you to everyone who has contributed so far and helped to spread the word!


We offer up our very special tweetment – a social media hand job on Twitter or Facebook. Please include your handle/address to redeem.

CRUSH – $25

Satiate your eyes in the afterglow of pixels with this exclusive video download from the scene ‘Ashes to Ashes, Rust to Rust’ recorded during development process at REDCAT Studio.


Take home a gorgeous 7 Lovers Pin Up poster and stare at it for hours. This pretty print features all seven of Andrea’s lovers as envisioned and drawn by the hand of Marsian. Stats: 8.5″x11″, D&D free. Fats & femmes strongly encouraged.

STALKER –  $50

Catch a glimpse of a scene in this private reading over video chat or phone by Marsian. Suitable for voyeurs over the age of 18. Introverts and the demure may opt for a 7 Lovers Pin Up.


Reading is sexy. Take home a signed copy of the latest script, light some candles, cuddle, and explore. It’s a quick but exhilarating read. Always use protection. Double your pleasure with both the hour long Automata Script and the 20 minute REDCAT showcase version.


We’ll stitch up your own special Ragedy Ann. Dollies are available of course with or without fully customizable genital options.. Please specify if you would like an innie or outie, shaved/hairy, cut/uncut, pierced, etc.

LOVER – $250

We will lovingly bring to the relationship a very special stitched-up Ragedy Ann, a copy of the latest script, 7 Lovers Pin Up Poster, an exclusive video download, and of course Special Tweetment.

*F*CK BUDDY – $500

Fierce supporters show off your wild side! This cruelty-free taxidermized Feline Head is the purrfect fetish item for you. Hang over the doorway of the restroom to impress guests, or in direct sunlight and watch the colors of its face fade.

ENGAGED – $750

Included in the prenup will be a cruelty-free taxidermized Feline Head, a very special stitched-up Ragedy Ann, a copy of the latest script, 7 Lovers Pin Up Poster, an exclusive video download, and of course Special Tweetment.

TRUE LOVE – $1,000

Our deepest appreciation & undying passion. Your support is the foundation of this project. We’ll sculpt a papier-mâché Empire State Building – the perfect phallic tchotchke for an overcrowded desk. Please no Frank Gehry/Lloyd Wright requests.


We will send you a small limited edition photo book documenting the production at Automata & REDCAT, including production stills, drawings, behind the scenes images, and script excerpts.SaveSave

  • *F*CK BUDDY - Cruelty-Free Taxidermized Feline Head
  • TRUE LOVE - Empire State Building
  • SECRET ADIMIRER - 7 Lovers Pin Up Poster