What is Your Gender? (video art)

1994-WIYG-Screenshot-3up What is Your Gender? 1994

On Saturday, December 10, 1994, I screened What is your Gender? a single channel video piece at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago as part of the 4-D Extravaganza. What is Your Gender? deconstructed gender as an arbitrary, non-consensual means of identification inflicted upon individuals starting before birth. 



1995-01-WIYG-Fetus-ed-noborder-150dpi 1994 WIYG What is Your Gender? Fetus
What is Your Gender? Fetus Still, 1994

For the audio track, I appropriated text from Holly Devor, Kate Bornstein, and Gus Blaisdell. I created What is Your Gender? under the mentorship of Freedom Lialios with the assistance of Dale Boguki, Melissa Simo, Shalona Byrd, and Can Dice. For the piece, I used a combination of super-8 film projection, and video. The running time 4:43

1995-01-WIYG-Face-ed-no-border-150dpi What is Your Gender? Face Projection, 1994
What is Your Gender? Face Projection, 1994