Speed Police (commercial, puppets on film)

On February 19th, 2014, TaylorMade began airing two commercials I worked on from their Speed Police campaign for JetSpeed metal woods and drivers.  In “Stakeout” and “The Pull Over” , I operated the faces of “Team America” style marionettes in the likeness of professional golfers Sergio Garcia, Jason Day,  Justin Rose, and Dustin Johnson with with radio controlled servos.

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The Circus, Los Angeles (puppets on film)

In April 2007, I puppeteered on The Circus, an eBaysodeTM (a pitch for eBay that featured toy theatre puppetry and object performance). I was brought on by production designer, Courtney Tuesday Yates and puppeteered with Laurie O’Brien, Kate Brown, and Eli Presser, who served as lead puppeteer. The shoot took place in Chinatown, Los Angeles.

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