Simone Gad (1947-2021)

Saved by Simone Gad and Other Souvenirs

Simone was always acutely aware of the tenuousness, the fragility, the precarity of appearances, and certainly their physical embodiment. Without trying to attach a theoretical gloss to her life, I think she would agree that, especially in her later years, her work, whether as a fine artist or as an actor and Hollywood professional, was a constant re-assertion of her appearance, her presence in the world, her possession and hold on it. “I am here to show you something. Follow what I’m doing, see what I’ve done here. I’m saving a place for myself and it’s something to behold!” Every pigment-laden, hyper-expressive brush stroke of her paintings asserted her signature, her re-trace of a surface, a contour that recaptured a fleeting association or remembered sensation, the performance or recreation of a memory by her own hand […] (read more)

Ezrha Jean Black, Apr 29, 2021