Simone Gad (1947-2021)

Final Thoughts

Marcus Kuiland-Nazario: Anyone have one last question?

Tom Patchett: I just have one comment, Simone. I’m trying to remember the play you were in at Track 16 at Bergamot Station. It’s something about an elephant.

Simone Gad: (Gasp) Yes!

Tom Patchett: That was fabulous

Simone: Oh, Thank you

Tom: I’ll never forget the image of you with that huge background too

Marcus: Wait, didn’t you work on that Curt [Lemieux] ?

Simone: Curt was in it too. Asher directed it!

Marcus: It was Asher Hartman

Simone: Yeah! I love that play

Curt: Simone was supposed to embody the elephant

Simone: Yes, I was supposed to be the elephant

Curt: and you did a great job

Simone: Oh God, thank you 

Marcus: Okay so any last words?

Marsian: I was also in an elephant play as a child. We wore paper bags and had trunks. That’s what I’d like to say. Thank you.

Marcus: Last words. Simone?

Simone: I’m just happy to be in this great show and I’m really grateful. I’m going to start crying – so

Marsian: Awwww

Debra Broz: I’m just going to agree with Simone  and I want to say thank you to her  and Marsian and Sean for

Marsian: and Cesar

Debra: And Cesar..

Simone: And Cesar!

Debra: …who put up all the shelves and painted the walls and 

Marcus: Cesar!

Debra: And also thank you to Marcus 

Simone: and Tom!

Marsian: And all of you, because it wouldn’t be anything if nobody saw it.

Simone: exactly and thank you so much for coming.. so wonderful.

Debra: I’m just glad I got to make these rabbits

Simone: I love your bunnies by the way and I love your dolls.

Marcus: And thank you Track 16, it’s an honor and privilege.. 

Marsian: We learned a lot about ourselves and other people 

Marcus: Thank you Track 16. Thank you Simone. Thank you Marsian. Thank you Debra.

Video: Cesar Delgadillo, Photos: Asher Hartman