Stuck Together in Artillery

On March 21, 2019, Genie Davis reported on “Stuck Together” in “Art Party Openings At the Bendix Building” for the Artillery Magazine Blog:

More from Artillery:

Last Saturday night, the Bendix Building in the Fashion District was the place to be, when a wide range of openings spilled out of galleries on multiple floors, causing crowds to trample the stairways and cram onto elevators that persisted in heading down to garage level – where there was no art.

On the 5th floor, at Tiger Strikes Asteroid, viewers were encouraged to have a tactile experience with artworks laid out in a kind of visual buffet; pieces included a sculptural work crafted from peanut butter – napkins provided. Curated by Material GirlsPalms, the collective’s first LA show, offered small sculptures by 15 artists, and encouraged transgressing the “look but don’t touch” boundary. Early attendees wanted to know “Can I eat the peanut butter?”

Down the hall at A-B Projects, Bay Area artist Nathan Lynch exhibited a large scale sculptural work, The Same Larry, a hand-built ceramic soaking tub, with printed stories hung on curtained walls, and a wooden towel rack hung with plush towels as adjuncts. In the tub for the opening reception was a fully-clothed musician playing folk guitar; attendees listened and circled the performer.

515 Gallery offered a vivid, lustrous series of large-scale paintings in Flora and Fauna, from Hilary BakerCherie Benner Davis, and David Eddington. At Monte Vista, works were smaller, detailed pieces by Stephanie Rose Guerrero that required close looks by viewers at her delicate mythology. Guests sipped beer and wine and nibbled on cookies available at the end of the hallway, at a table presided over by Rakeen Cunningham, a member of Monte Vista Projects. Even more ephemeral were watercolor works by Peter Vincent D’Angelo at the newly opened Cathedral Gallery on the 6th floor, where Horchata and whiskey were dished out in ample proportions at the entrance.

On the 10th floor, viewers packed Track 16 for a strong and innovative show, Stuck Together, featuring diverse and exciting work by Marsian De LellisSimone Gad, and Debra Broz. Broz’ re-worked mutant rabbit ceramics were delightful; Gad’s lush abstracts and wonderfully alive sketches of animals – particularly cats – drew viewers to the work and the smiling, faux-leopard-fur clad artist. De Lellis’ “(In)/Animate Objects Panel #1” had viewers staring for a long time at the massive collection of over a 1000 hand-sewn, hand-aged dolls – and that was just one piece. Among those attending the show was Artillery editor Tulsa Kinney, and and artist Marsian De Lellis’ multi-colored, light-flashing shoes.

Down on the 8th floor, Durden and Ray offered By and By: Hope for the Future, featuring artists from Seattle collective Soil Gallery as well as D and R veterans. Thoughtful curation popped with works such as a mirrored ball and miniature figure sculptural collaboration from Ben HirschkoffKarim Shuquem, and Andrew Wingler, a Ben Jackel wall sculpture of stoneware and beeswax, “Triple Standpipe,” and Sean Noyce’ “Prosperina,” an acrylic and screen print and custom code on polyester work ringed with candles and hung dramatically before one of the gallery’s windows. Guests noshed on grape leaves, cookies, beer, and wine while taking it all in; as always, the gallery was abuzz with artists and art lovers including both collective’s members.

In short, Elvis might’ve left the building, but there was no reason for art lovers to look outside the Bendix on Saturday.