Object/Fetish, Baltimore (artist talk)

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On  April 30, 2011, I presented my multimedia artist talk, Object/Fetish: Staging the Suspension of Disbelief  at a salon/art party in the H&H Arts Building in Baltimore as part of the Transmodern Festival. The artist talk was co-sponsored by the Maryland Institue College of Art’s Fiber, Sculpture and Humanistic Studies Departments.

The Transmodern Festival was an annual weekend of performance art, music, installation, lectures and video in Baltimore curated in 2011 by Laure Drogoul, Jenny Graf, Stephanie Barber, Valeska Populoh,  Rebecca Nagle, and Sandy Triolo

While in Baltimore, I also presented an Artist Talk to students and teachers in the Fiber Department at MICA, performed Fudgie’s Death at the 14Karat Cabaret for the Travesty at Hand  evening of short-form puppetry for adults.

From the Object/Fetish description:

How does fantasy fuel the way we interact with objects in our daily lives? Why do some people fall in love with objects? Where do sex toys and animism intersect? What allows us to suspend disbelief and make a fetish of objects? Performance artist and puppeteer, Marsian will present an array of synthetic pleasures in this performative lecture which includes images and video clips from the margins of what is traditionally thought of as Puppetry and Object Theatre. Areas of discussion will delve into masking and femskin fetishists, plushophies, the underground community of furrie fandom and those who live part or full time as anime and manga characters.


From Eventseeker:

[The] H&H Arts Building is a landmark structure in downtown Baltimore. It houses classy art galleries and event spaces and is one of the premier art venues of the city. The beautiful ‘Gallery Four’, the artist-run ‘Nudashank Gallery’, the novel ‘Whole Gallery’, and the hot concert venues ‘Floristree’ and ‘5th Dimension’ occupy various floors of the H&H Building. Round the calendar, a plethora of art exhibits, art festivals, music concerts, live performances et al are held here. The building’s prime location allows easy access from all parts of the city, thus making it all the more visited. Call for further information.