Feast of Fun #1188 – Raw & Wild, Chicago (interview)

On May 6th, 2010, I appeared on Feast of Fun (show #1188 – Raw & Wild) with Fausto Fernos and Marc Felion in Chicago in conjunction with my performance of Fudgie’s Death at Links Hall as part of the Banners and Cranks Festival of Cantrastoria.

Show Notes:

Fresh off his solo show on a doomed chocolate whale, Marsian De Lellis is high on a rampage, after consuming platefuls of raw, vegan food on mother’s day. So try to keep up!

Listen as we chat with Marsian about the wonders of a raw food, Biblical diets and flexitarianism where vegetarians embrace an occasional meal of meat only if it was ethically farm raised.

Saturday Night Live had a hit with their Mother’s Day tribute show that was hosted by comedy legend Betty White. She was also joined by many of the popular past female comedians from the show.

Join us as we go on a roller coaster of ideas on the changing nature of being gay, drag queen Nina Flowers and Iron Man 2 the movie featuring plastic man Mikey Rourke.

Listener comments:

“I was at the gym (so gay) listening to F.F. with my headsets on when Marsian started to read the letter from a listener. As Marsian began to read the letter with that “little voice”, I dropped the weights and laughed so hard that everybody at gym looked at me as if I was a crazy person.”
–  Rogerio

“I love Marsian. Just wonderfully quirk-tastic!”
– brian

“DL’d this in anticipation of Marsian’s upcoming 2011 predictions. What a master mimic! I can only do a few voices and sound effects, so I’m in awe”
– seawall

“Marsian is your best guest. He’s so funny and has such a strong point”
– dc_gay_man

“If this puppet thing don’t work out, maybe Marsian can get a job doing cartoon voices.”
– charlesver33

“Marsian, I wanted to thank you Marc, and Fausto for doing a show (partially) about raw foods. While I’m not even close to being a 100% raw foodist (or even a vegan), I’ve become fascinated with the concept for the past two years and have started working some of the principles into my own diet. It was nice to hear a sane perspective on the concept.” – verticalQ

* cover image: Fausto Ferños