Years later, Fudgie is detoxing in a hospital bed. A hack attack causes Linda to fly out from his blow hole where she’s been hibernating in a drug haze. She’s middle aged, malnourished, and emaciated.

A nurse walks her down a long hallway to a support group populated by disheveled children’s food mascots who are speaking about their troubles with food.

It’s Linda’s turn and she overshares about the time she was overweight and trapped in a condo. She’s cut off by another older woman, the group timer, Debbie, who she discovers is her childhood nemesis. In a musical number Linda sings about regret from her father’s failed franchise, Little Linda Snack Treats and her jealousy over his fondness of Little Debbie. When Debbie attempts to cut off Linda’s share-song, Linda throws a chair at her. But it misses, hitting Mrs. Butterworth who shatters and hemorrhages maple syrup. Old habits die hard – Linda can’t seem to stop murdering food.