We return to Linda, the night of her twenty-first birthday. She’s alone at a refrigerator medicating in a late night binge. When the food looks back at her, she vomits and pieces of Cookie Puss appear in the chunks. As she flushes, Cookie Puss scolds her for killing him.

As Linda catches her breath, Fudgie the Whale swims out of the toilet. He’s down on his luck, snorting Reddi-Wip. When Linda takes a huff, it triggers an acid flashback. Fudgie convinces Linda to rub his sore blow hole and he enjoys it. It’s not long before it gets heated and she’s fisting his blow hole. While Linda is elbow deep, Fudgie swims back through the toilet to the Brown Sea.

There’s a kalaedoscopic swirl of psychotropic pills and sprinkles – a montage of food and debaucher: people sploshing each other, Julia Child caresses a stuffed turkey, cake batter oozes toxic bubbles, hypodermic syringes and pastry bags drip molten frosting. .