Reclined on a chez lounge chair in her therapist’s office, Linda recounts the events of her fifth birthday when she began communicating with food. At the party, daddy presents the very first Cookie Puss cake. Linda becomes enamored when Cookie Puss starts talking to her.

Out of view they take a wild ride in his flying saucer to Planet Birthday where they profess eternal love for one other. Upon their return, everyone sings Happy Birthday and Daddy demands that she cut the cake. Linda resists, but daddy strong-hands her into dismembering her new companion for their consumption.

The next segment of the docuseries focuses on Linda’s lifelong battle with food and complicated relationship with her verbally abusive dad. After a weigh-in in fourth grade, he wires her jaw wired shut. In middle school, Linda almost flunks out from gym class. But her father buys the school and installs branded soft serve machines in the cafeteria so she slides by. But by high school, Linda’s “problem eating” causes her to drops out.