NELA Art News

In November 2015, NELA art News covered Art Bern an exhibit at Future Studio Gallery where I was showing Bernie Sanders Is Finger Lickin’ Good.


6″x6″x1½”, acrylic, nail polish, graphite, ink on wood panel

I am concerned that no one in the Democratic field has the sex appeal necessary to be elected president in 2016. The current media landscape has become infected with a Kardashian Effect where celebrity and reality show behavior trump substance in the ratings grab. Sure Bernie Sanders’ social and economic justice policies are sexy, but I worry that the whole “Feel the Bern” hashtag popular with his supporters sounds like a slogan for chlamydia or at least a UTI – and that burning (Berning) connotes more of a destructive force. I am taking a different approach with Bernie Sanders is Finger Lickin’ Good and I hope America is ready to consume what Sanders is serving.