Bernie Sanders Is Finger Lickin’ Good, Future Studio Gallery, Los Angeles

November 14th, 2015 – December 6th, 2015, my painting, Bernie Sanders is Finger Lickin’ Good was on display at  Future Studio Gallery in Los Angeles.


6″x6″x1½”, acrylic, nail polish, graphite, ink on wood panel

I am concerned that no one in the Democratic field has the sex appeal necessary to be elected president in 2016. The current media landscape has become infected with a Kardashian Effect where celebrity and reality show behavior trump substance in the ratings grab. Sure Bernie Sanders’ social and economic justice policies are sexy, but I worry that the whole “Feel the Bern” hashtag popular with his supporters sounds like a slogan for chlamydia or at least a UTI – and that burning (Berning) connotes more of a destructive force. I am taking a different approach with Bernie Sanders is Finger Lickin’ Good and I hope America is ready to consume what Sanders is serving.



Saturday, November 14th, 2015
Sunday, November 6, 2015


Saturday, November 14th, 2015
7:00PM – 10:00PM

5558 N. Figueroa Street
Los Angeles CA 90042

Bernie Sanders’ presidential candidacy has ignited enthusiastic interest and support from the creative Los Angeles community. This art exhibit, organized by renowned artist Margaret Garcia with Future Studio Gallery, features nearly 3 dozen visual artists working in media from oil paint to wood sculpture to nail polish art to crop art to multiples—all work has been created especially for this exhibit.

Work is reasonably priced from $10 (original art tshirts by Joe Potts), with most art priced at $100 to $300. Gallery commissions and a portion or all of artists’ proceeds will benefit Bernie 2016.


Abel Alejandre

David G. Brown

Dolores Carlos

Art Carrillo

Sandra Cornejo

Carol Colin

Margarita Cuaron

Marsian De Lellis

Stan Edmondson

Beth Elliott

Margaret Garcia

Frannie Garretson

Robert Guillen

Amy Inouye

Waynna Kato

Krystine Kryttre

Bonnie Lambert

Tod Lychkoff

Brian Mallman

Barry Markowitz

Sybil McMiller

Cathi Milligan

Elisa Padilla

Christine Papalexis

Joseph Peterson

Ester Petschar

Joe Potts

Carla Rajnus

Stuart Rapeport,

Tom Recchion

Chris Sheets

Suzanne Siegel

Herbert Siguenza

Albert Vitella

J. Michael Walker

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Future Studio Gallery

Future Studio Gallery is an artist-run studio/gallery that is also known as the home of Chicken Boy, the Statue of Liberty of Los Angeles, a 22-foot tall roadside L.A. fiberglass icon who is installed atop the roof.

The gallery has been participating in NELA (North East Los Angeles) Art Second Gallery Night since its inception in 2006. It has become known as a community art space where old friends meet and new friends are welcome; where always-interesting art can be seen, and intelligent conversation can be had. It also houses the Chicken Boy Souvenir Shop, which carries Los Angeles-centric, vintage, and pop culture merchandise. A gallery shop will be created featuring an Art Bern section for continuing sales.