An Actress in Search of an Exit, (actor, voice-over, film)

I was an actor and did voice-over work in Jane Pickett’s short adventure serial,  “An Actress in Search of an Exit”.  In it, I played an eccentric gutter punk.  The film screened on August 24th, 2010 at Laemmle Monica 4-Plex in Santa Monica, for the LA 48 Hour Film Project.

An Actress In Search of An Understudy, Directed by Jane Pickett, 2010
An Actress In Search of An Understudy, Directed by Jane Pickett, 2010

Written and directed by Jane Pickett, “An Actress in Search of an Exit” follows Jamie Woodnit, a struggling actor, “haunted” by a trio of gutterpunk misfits, who she jogs by on the street one day.  These young eccentrics follow Jamie into her domestic space unnoticed. While she showers unaware, they create a rumpus wreaking havoc in the next room.  At first it appears that they are strangers in her home, but in reality, they represent her internal unsettled world.

“An Actress in Search of an Exit”

The Actress – Mary Kay Riley
The Misfits – Megan Daalder, Marsian De Lellis, Trevor Downie

Directed by Jane Pickett
Produced by Andrew Lush, Jane Pickett, Sasha Freedman

Conceived by Jane Pickett, Sasha Freedman, Andrew Lush, and Megan Daalder, with Marsian De Lellis, Justin Streichman, Abra Brayman, Taylor Jacobson, and Jonas Sacks

Editor – Sasha Freedman
Cinematography – Jonas Sacks, Sasha Freedman
Production and Costume Design – Abra Brayman,  Taylor Jacobson
1st Assistant Director – Andrew Lush
Additional Camera and Grip – Brent Barbano
Boom Operator – Joshua Clarkson
Original Music – Josh Chambers
Title Design – Andrew Lush
Voiceover – Marsian De Lellis
Woman in Van – Abra Brayman

Thanks to Luka Lighting. Special Thanks to Julian Beal, Jesse Bonnell, Gwenaëlle Gobé, Coleman Hough, Sam Littlefield, Paul Martinez, Ryan Mata, Lisa Murphy, Elizabeth Pickett, Leah Piehl. Christine Robinson, Nisa Schoonhoven and Justin Strechman