Pop Goes the World, Valencia, CA, (guest teacher)

In January 2008,  I co-taught Pop Goes The World, a class on pop-ups and paper engineering with scenic artist, Caitlin Lainoff at California Institute of the Arts (CalArts). The class was part of the Theater School’s three week interim session between semesters.   For this session I was particularly interested in exploring pop-ups and three dimensional paper engineering for theatrical experiences.

Each session consisted of a demonstration of a pop-up technique and then students were encouraged to work independently on projects or experiment with specific paper engineering techniques. It was during this class that I started collaborating with EuGean Seo, a Korean artist, who was responsible for all of the paper engineering in Growing Up Linda – Fudgie’s Death.

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From the course description:

Pop Goes  Pop Goes The World – Very Special Topics in Design:
Focus On Paper Engineering
Ever feel like our flat world needs a little pop? Can paper technology enhance our various disciplines and day-to-day art practices? This hands on, in-depth workshop is designed to explore one aspect of expandability: paper engineering a.k.a. pop up books.  We will be using The Elements of Pop: A Pop-Up Book for Aspiring Paper Engineers, as a diving off point to build the skill-set necessary for the construction of a pop-up book, starting with basic joints and moving on to different materials and individualized or group projects.
Marsian De Lellis and Caitlin Lainoff will co-facilitate this workshop in a workgroup environment for 3 days a week, 3 hours a session (18 hours total) 
Equipment Needed:
– BYOCB (Bring your own Cutting Board), prefibly self healing variety
– Cutting utensils:  x-acto knives, multiple blades (#11), matt knives, scissors
– Papers: bristol, card stock, matt board, foam core
– Non-aerosol adhesives
– See reading list

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Further Reading List: