Finocchio – Women & Performance, (published)

Women & Performance, 2005

In 2005, Women And Performance: A Journal Of Feminist Theory published photos from my installation, Finocchio: The Holiday Classic For Finocchio I reimagined the idea of a commercial holiday window injected contemporary themes including gender, technologies that can alter the body, and addiction. The narrative was centered on a marionette “trapped” in the body of a boy-gyrrrl and hir journey to self-actualization. I created the original installation during the holiday season at the Dirt Palace, a feminist art space located in an abandoned library building in Olneyville, RI .

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Women And Performance is a project of New York University Press, Tisch School for the Arts and published by Sheridan books. Also featured in the 20th Anniversary edition were Yvonne Rainer, Mikki Halpin, Kate Bornstein, Dona Ann McAdams, Rebecca Schneider, Anita Gonzalez, Paul Scolieri, Susana Cook, Gwendolyn Alker, Jeanne Vaccaro, Carolee Schneemann, Barbara Browning, Rebecca Miller, The Guerilla Girls, Martha Donovan, Sandra R. Garcia, Eleizabeth Stephens, Petra Kuppers, Cynthia Oliver, Kt Kilborn, Tom Lavazzi, Anahí Viladrich, Carol Martin, José Esteban Muñoz, Emily Roysdon, and May Mahala with  Annie Sprinkle’s “Tit Prints” as cover art.