Finocchio, Olneyville, RI (installation)

Finnochio, 2003, Olneyville
Finnochio, 2003, Olneyville

During the holiday season of 2002-2003, I created the installation, Finocchio: The Holiday Classic at the Dirt Palace, a feminist art space located in an abandoned library building in Olneyville, RI.

In Finocchio: The Holiday Classic, I reimagined the idea of the commercial holiday window popular in urban centers – taking the format of the sequential visual narrative and injecting it with contemporary themes of postmodern gender theory, technologies that can alter the body, mental illness, and addiction. The storyline was a twist on Pinocchio. However, instead of being centered on a puppet who wants to assimilate as a normal boring human boy, Finocchio focused on a marionette “trapped” in the body of a non-binary human and hir journey to self-actualization through fabulousness.

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Later in 2005, Women And Performance: A Journal Of Feminist Theory published a photo spread from Finnochio for it’s 20th Anniversary edition.