Finnochio, Olneyville, RI (installation)

Finnochio, 2003, Olneyville
Finnochio, 2003, Olneyville

During the holiday season of 2002-2003, I created the installation, Finnochio: The Holiday Classic at the Dirt Palace, a feminist art space located in an abandoned library building in Olneyville, RI.

For Finnochio I reimagined the idea of a commercial holiday window popular in urban centers during the holidays, only injected contemporary themes like gender, technologies that can alter the body, and addiction. The narrative was centered on a marionette “trapped” in the body of a boy-gyrrrl and hir journey to self-actualization.

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Later in 2005, Women And Performance: A Journal Of Feminist Theory published a photo spread from Finnochio for it’s 20th Anniversary edition.