Undergraduate Catalog


In June 2001, The School of the Art Institute of Chicago included a photo of my puppet, Green Insect-Bunny Hybrid in their Undergraduate Catalog.

Also featured on the same page were works by Jen Durbin and Pamela Zimmerman to highlight the sculpture department.

2002-SAIC-46detail-200dpi 2001 SAIC

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago: Undergraduate Catalog,, Admissions & Publications SAIC:

The Department of Sculpture at the School is one of the largest and most comprehensive in the country. Students are encouraged to work with a wide varety of materials and processes in an effort to give the fullest potential to their sculptural practices. The department supports traditional skills and media ranging from figure modeling, metalsmithing, wood carving, welding, and wood and metal fabrication, to foundry practice in the casting of bronze, aluminum, and iron, while fostering an environment where students are encouraged to explore and experiment with new media, cross-disciplinary work, performance, and installation.

Student practice is supplemented with demonstrations, slide and media presentations, discussions, readings, and critiques. The department also offers thematic and conceptual courses as well as seminars exploring new developments in sculpture to provide a stronger theoretical base for three-dimensional practice.

The sculpture department’s curriculum is also augmented with a wide array of visiting artists (both local and international), who bring diverse perspectives on art making to sculpture students. Exhibitions of student work in the department’s BASE SPACE gallery, performances, critiques, and the diverse aesthetic and conceptual concerns of both students and faculty members create a lively environment which stimulates work.

2002-SAIC-00merge-100dpi 2001 SAIC

2002-SAIC-46merge-100dpi 2001 SAIC

2002-SAIC-46merge-100dpi 2001 SAIC