Gender Trash & Other Cookies, Chicago (curatorial / screening)

Gender Trash and Other Cookies program, 1998 9x4.5 200dpi
Gender Trash and Other Cookies program, 1998

On March 16th, 1998, Kathleen “Snatchleen” O’Shea and I (as Twinkie and Star, The Giovanni Sisters) curated Gender Trash & Other Cookies, an evening of artist video screenings at Randolph Street Gallery in Chicago. At the screening, I also showed my video art piece, The King of Pop’s New Clothes. Gender Trash & Other Cookies was part of the Radical Faerie Frolic Festival, organized by the Radical Faerie Circle of Chicago.

Artists in the Gender Trash and Other Cookies screening included Eugene Shandor, Ayanna U’Dongo, Gwynedd, John Di Stefano, Jeanine Oleson, P. Siemer and Larry Steger, Snatchleen, Marsian De Lellis, Fausto Ferños, Gregg Bordowitz, and Matt Bucy and Jim Jackson. Also at the Faerie Frolic Arts Festival was Fausto Ferños’sVoices From the Sky, Feast of Fools Cabaret, Eggplant Faerie Players’ Next Year in Sodom, and A Day of Beauty and Ritual, which we were also on the curatorial committee for. A portion of the proceeds went to support the Coalition for Positive Sexuality, and Horizons’ gay and lesbian youth programs.

Randolph Street Gallery (RSG), founded in 1979, is Chicago’s largest and most distinguished artist-run center. Internationally recognized for its inventive and prolific programming, RSG is known as an innovative forum presenting alternative multi-disciplinary work that engages the public in art addressing contemporary issues.

From the Gender Trash and Other Cookies program:

Gender Trash & Other Cookies

“We watch a lot of T.V. and have a lot of favorite shows. When the Faeries asked us to curate this video night, we didn’t know what to show, so we picked our friends or people we slept with.”

– Twinkie and Star, The Giovanni Sisters

Faeriefilm, Eugene Shandor (8 minutes)
This animated short begins with a man in a business suit looking into a mirror which results in flying into a land of personal discovery.

Edges, Ayanna U’Dongo (5 minutes)
I am inspired by the hope that these works will persuade viewers to investigate the multiplicity of sexual possibilities and elevate their erotic consciousness while working towards sexual excellence. This doesn’t mean just fucking. Working towards sexual wholeness incorporates the mind, body, and spirit.

Boy and Man, Gwynedd (5 minutes)
This visual experience is an autobiographical journey of a man living in pain. This high bread layered approach is echoed through the voiceover. Gwynedd soft touch and fast slap of reality makes the viewer aware of their pain.

(Tell Me Why) The Epistemology of Disco, John Di Stefano (24 minutes)
This is an often humorous, at times sarcastic and poignant look at the role that disco music has layed in the formation of gay male identity. The tape challenges the notion of disco as merely a “leisure activity” by positing disco as an important cultural space created as an expression of gay sexuality. Combining tongue-in-cheek semiotic texts (about Levi’s 501 Jeans), classic gay film clips, and disco classics, (Tell Me Why)…  celebrates gay desire and uses it as a thread to draw a historical lineage between gay movement politics of the late 60’s / early 70’s and the more recent gay movement politics around AIDS.

Uncle Spankle, (5 minutes)
SWM seeks little girls and farm animals- preferable sheep for exciting week-end or friendship. Bring a friend. I’ll bring my camera.

The Fight, Jeanine Oleson (4 minutes)
The slippage of gender is head on to the Main Event. As the boxer is called center ring, she shadow boxes the audience with her abjection and her seduction

It Never Was You – P. Siemer and Larry Steger (5 minutes)

K.M.A., Snatchleen (8 minutes)
A woman with a mission, O’Shea, a South Side video artist brings the north to the south in her creation, K.M.A.  in her deranged style of storytelling. We are open to examine her construction of working class fetish.

Genitropolis, Ayanna U’Dongo (4 minutes)
This video is your passport to transversing the dank and crusty sexual landscapes of tunnels, worm-holes, black-holes with a sideways gaze. Your guided tour will involve puckering, eruptions, throbbing, trickles, streams, and Howard Stern.

The King of Pop’s New Clothes, Marsian De Lellis (5 minutes)
“This tape was inspired by a trashy tell-all tabloid book about Michael Jackson and his relationship with a 13-year old boy that I read during a Christmas vacation at my parents’ house. I originally created the tape as a projected backdrop for a live performance… a drug induced hallucination scene and was inspired by the music video genre, Orlan, Cindy Sherman, and Freaks, along with the universal need for validation from others, issues of exploitation, and Jackson’s position as a trans -racial, -gender, -generational, and -human figure. There are many people responsible for contributing to this video, including Snatchleen, Julue Puzzon, and Prudence Brown to name a few.”

El Chow De Faustina, Fausto Ferños (5 minutes)
“Here is my wacky wacky tv show that I did in Texas! Hope you like it!” – This 1994 flick was directed by Myndee Hilt and features body artist, Linda Montano as Lenny Golden, Esq., Voice Instructor

Fast Trip, Long Drop, Gregg Bordowitz (25 minutes)
This is a must see tape, it plays like an opera. The flow is grounded with the artist addressing the audience, as we live in the life of this man, we come to know. We understand how he sees himself and the way others see him.

Faerie Camp Destiny, Matt Bucy and Jim Jackson (5 minutes)
All come back now.

Also on the Faerie Frolic Arts Festival program:

Gender Trash and Other Cookies
the video program with your hostesses, Twinkie and Star
March 16th at 8:00PM

Voices from the Sky
and other works of thrilling faerie theatre
March 18th at 8:00PM

Feast of Fools Cabaret
song, dance, poetry and goddess-knows what
March 19th at 8:00PM

Next Year in Sodom
Tennessee’s Eggplant Faerie Players present their farcical Passover play
March 20-21 at 8:00PM

A Day of Beauty and Ritual
a performance-art circus, climaxing with an equinox ritual
March 22 from 2:00PM-6:00PM

A portion of the proceeds from the festival will go to support the Coalition for Positive Sexuality – a pro-sex, pro-queer, pro-choice, pro-girl sex education organization – and to Horizons’ gay and lesbian youth programs

Thanks to:

  • This place once known as Randolph Street Gallery and its living spirit
  • Hotel Kafka for assistance, promotion, and catering
  • Paul Brenner, silent partner extraordinaire
  • Alan James for fast, patient printing
  • Gwynedd for running tech
  • The Crest of Fine Flowers, official faerie florist
  • Ted Frankel at Uncle Fun for useful goods and playful artifacts
  • Great Harvest Backer on Armitage for deligtful breakfast breads for this event and our two previous RSG frolics
  • Meredith (Di Di) Castro at Della Robbia for treats and snacks
  • Starbucks Coffee and Rocky, Nash, and Wendy for keeping us caffeinated
  • Whole Foods Market
  • Print it for the gathering call
  • Laura and Diane from Kinko’s
  • Kate Phillippo for the feather bed
  • Honey West for fabulous faerie frocks
  • Hillary Farrell at Hillary’s Urban Eatery
  • Milios Hair, Skin, and Tattoo Salon
  • Jamie Kiburtz
  • The Mr. Motae Fund
  • The Ronald A. and Dolores T. De Lellis Endowment for the Arts
  • Our day-job employers for making the gathering possible in ways they probably don’t even know
  • And to the entire family that is the Chicago Radical Faerie Circle for making the gathering not only possible, but beautiful