Gay + Lesbian Youth – Making History

In 1994, The Governor’s Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth produced a documentary on the passage of the Gay and Lesbian Civil Rights Law of Massachusetts, which I appeared in. 

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Bay Windows 12/23/93

Marsian De Lellis, Adelaide Goetz, Chris Hannon,
Lauren Davindson, Sarah Lonber-Lew, David La Fontaine

On December 23, 1993, Bay Windows covered the passage of legislation I worked on to protect LGBGTQ students in Massachusetts.

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Bay Windows 11/18/1993

On November 18, 1993, Bay Windows (Boston) covered legislation I was working on to protect LGBTQ students in Massachusetts public schools.

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Rally, Boston (LGBT activism)

On October 13, 1993, I helped organize a rally at the Massachusetts State House in support of House Bill 3353 – The Gay and Lesbian Student Rights Bill as Youth Outreach Coordinator for the Coalition for Lesbian and Gay Civil Rights.

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In Newsweekly 10/11/93 (LGBT press)

On October 11th, 1993, In Newsweekly ran an op-ed in support of the Gay and Lesbian Student Rights Law, which I was working on at the time.

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Boston Globe 10/3/1990

On October 3rd, 1990, The Boston Globe reported on a hate crimes bill in Massachusetts that paved the way for the Gay and Lesbian Student Rights Law which I  worked on in 1993.

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In Newsweekly 9/28/1989

On September 28, 1989 In Newsweekly covered a rally and lobby day for the gay civil rights law in Massachusetts which paved the way for the Gay and Lesbian Student Rights Law.

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