Silverlake, at-large

February 2nd, 2022, while attending a Silver Lake Neighborhood Council meeting, I was nominated for an at-large seat on the governing board that had been vacated. I accepted the nomination, was voted in, and am looking forward to connecting with and serving my neighborhood as a representative.

If you have any ideas or concerns for Silverlake, please reach out to me at my neighborhood council email

In the mean time, more from the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council:

In June, 1999, the voters of Los Angeles approved a new City Charter which created the Department of Neighborhood Empowerment (DONE). Its purpose is to promote more citizen participation in government and to make government more responsive to local needs through a citywide network of neighborhood councils. Each council is responsible for representing the diverse interests of its “Stakeholders.”

In Silver Lake, a stakeholder is anyone who lives, works, owns property, or owns or operates a business within the Silver Lake Neighborhood Council boundaries; or who is a member of a community group, school, or religious institution in the community; or who works for an adjacent school or religious institution, which serves the community. To serve on the Governing Board of the SLNC, or to vote in Board member elections, stakeholders must be at least 18 years of age and fill out a stakeholder registration.

2019, photo: Austin Young
2019, photo: Austin Young

Marsian De Lellis is an interdisciplinary artist who has resided in Mideast Los Angeles since 2006, and Silver Lake, Region 6 since 2012. Their work memorializes obsessional lives. They have served on selection committees for LA County Arts, REDCAT, and the Puppet Slam Network, as well as on the boards of UNIMA-USA and The LA Guild of Puppetry. Marsian is passionate about LGBTQ+ advocacy and harm reduction. In the 90s they organized rallies in Massachusetts, which led to the nation’s first anti-discrimination law for LGBTQ+ students. They have volunteered at needle exchanges in Boston, Chicago, New York, and Providence. For the remainder of the term for which they are filling a vacated seat, Marsian will continue to serve on the Urban Design and Preservation Committee and push for progress on accessible sidewalks, protected bike lanes, and humane dignified options for the unhoused.

Silver Lake map (in cover image) by Eric Brightwell