Artist Interviews

video: Angeleno Stories

Angeleno Stories interviewed Simone Gad, Debra Broz, and myself about our work at Track 16.

Simone Gad: I make pin up drawing collages with animal rescues. I’m not thinking of them as porn. They’re about vulnerable models. I’m drawn to an animal and then they come together – they click – protecting each other and rescuing each other.

Debra Broz: I transform figurines into other things by cutting them apart and putting them back together using restoration techniques. I had found this 1960’s Japanese production pottery, white rabbit and I wanted to make alterations to just that one specific thing but never diverging from being a rabbit.

Marsian De Lellis: The dolls showing are from my “(In)/Animate Objects” series. I wanted to create a look of decay – like an actual doll hoarder had made a million of them and just couldn’t take care of them.

The Artist Talk will be at Track 16 on Thursday, April 11th. Track 16 is located at 1206 Maple Avenue, in Downtown Los Angeles. Stuck Together runs through May 11th. Gallery hours are Monday – Saturday 12-6PM and by appointment. Contact: Sean Meredith at or (310) 815-8080.