Artist Talk, Track 16 (Los Angeles)

Marsian De Lellis, “(In)/Animate Objects Panel No. 1”, Photo Track 16

I will be part of an artist talk at Track 16 on Thursday, April 11th at 7PM with Debra Broz and Simone Gad in conjunction with our exhibition, Stuck Together . We will be joined by curator, artist, and agitator, Marcus Kuiland-Nazario who will moderate.

Track 16 is located at

1206 Maple Ave, #1005,
Los Angeles, CA 90015
(On the 10th floor of the Bendix Building)

The exhibition runs through May 11th.

Gallery hours are Monday – Saturday 12-6PM and by appointment.

Contact: Sean Meredith at or (310) 815-8080

Marsian De Lellis, “Wall Dolls A-1-I-31”, Photo Track 16

LOS ANGELES – Track 16 presents “Stuck Together,” an exhibition featuring Marsian De Lellis, Simone Gad, and Debra Broz. The three Los Angeles-based artists create a handmade response to mass-produced images and objects, re-contextualizing and re-purposing through collage and assemblage. e work consists of anthropomorphic imagery—animals and representations of bodies.  Each artist imparts into the work an aura that is both ludic and obsessive, and each artist gives attention to objects and creatures that might be discarded, and instead reworks, reinvents, and gives the objects a chance to stand up, warts and all.

From the press release