Dave Made A Maze (fabricator, puppeteer)

From August 18th-31st, 2017, Dave Made A Maze, an independent film I puppeteered on and fabricated for went into limited release after premiering at Slamdance.  

In Dave Made a Maze, a frustrated artist must be rescued by his friends from a bloodthirsty Minotaur in a supernatural world of  the cardboard fort he built in his living room. This oddball comedy horror is full of fun, low-tech special effects.

For the production, I assisted Christine Papalexis with puppeteering and fabrication,

Christine Papalexis with an origami crane she built for Dave Made A Maze, 2015
Christine Papalexis with an origami crane she built, 2015

Dave (Thune), an artist who has yet to complete anything significant in his career, builds a cardboard fort in his living room out of pure frustration, only to wind up trapped by the fantastical pitfalls of his own creation. Ignoring his warnings, Dave’s girlfriend Annie (Kumbhani) leads a band of oddball explorers on a rescue mission. Once inside, they find themselves trapped in an ever-changing supernatural world, threatened by booby traps and pursued by a bloodthirsty Minotaur.

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Dave Made A Maze, 2017
Dave Made A Maze, 2017


“Wildly inventive”

The Hollywood Reporter

“Epic and fantastic”

Las Vegas Review-Journal

“A rush of loony fun”

San Francisco Examiner

“Weird, wonderful, and thoroughly original”

Arizona Republic

“A movie that’s genuinely bigger on the inside”

LA Weekly

“Fresh and unexpected and unrestrained by genre rules”

Cleveland Plain Dealer

“There aren’t sufficient words to describe the remarkable visual environment”

Boston Globe

“Dave Made A Maze smashes it out of the water”

Ain’t It Cool News

“Like a homemade Labyrinth for adults”


“A never-ending treat for the eyes”

Screen Anarchy

“Exploding with creativity…a ridiculously fun and absurd romp”

Film Pulse

“Without a doubt, one of the most entertaining and exciting films that 2017 has to offer

Dread Central 

“The kind of film that makes someone a believer in the power of cinema”


“A visually inventive tour-de-force of anarchic glee”

Hammer to Nail 

“The most jaw-droppingly original move of 2017”

Rogers Movie Nation