LA Guild of Puppetry 2012 (support)

On July 1, 2012, I was awarded funding from the Los Angeles Guild of Puppetry for a day-long intensive workshop on marionette manipulation with master puppet artist, Tony Urbano.

The first part of the workshop focused on marionette manipulation exercises. The second half consisted of more advanced exercises manipulated by selected participants and the rest of the group observing. Mr. Urbano provided puppets for the exercises.

From the workshop description:

The Los Angeles Guild of Puppetry is proud to present Master Puppeteer Tony Urbano, offering a unique opportunity to learn and/or refine your marionette manipulation skills. Mr. Urbano is a world-class puppeteer and puppet builder with an extensive list of film, television and commercial credits as well as performing in the original “Les PoupĂ©es de Paris”, Universal Studios Tour, Laguna Arts Festival and on the top cruise lines. Mr. Urbano is rarely available for this type of instruction and feedback