Interviews with Slam Artists

Dylan Shelton

 May 30, 2012

“The growing popularity of puppet slams has given puppeteers license to showcase some of the most brilliant and innovative and sometimes absurd and bizarre pieces of theatre you will ever see.”  (More)

Christine Papalexis
Los Angeles

May 27, 2012

Christine works in the film industry with special effects and puppetry.(More)

Blainor McGough
Portland, Maine

May 25, 2012

King Friday is living in squalor – the castle is now a dilapidated vaudeville house and occasional flop-house for traveling puppets and exotic dancers. We recreated it in cardboard for the slam. (More)

Vanessa Gilbert

Blood from a Turnip would be a salon, not a slam.  Slam connotes competition and we wanted there to be only winners at the end of the evening (More)