Winnipeg Free Press

In their July 1, 2010 edition, Winnpeg Free Press covered Puppet Apocalypse in which I was performing Growing Up Linda, Fudgie’s Death

More from “The Buzz” by Arts Editor, Alison Mayes

Strings Attached: You’ve heard of a poetry slam? Get ready for Winnipeg’s first puppet slam. Puppet Apocalypse, a gathering of diverse puppeteers who’ll show their acts and short films, is July 5 at 7:30PM at the Park Theatre. Local companies include Grant Guy’s Adhere and Deny, and Asa Nodleman’s Watch and Spectacle Puppet Company, as well as newcomers like the Secondhandpants and the Wishweweres. Heather Henson of Florida’s Ibex Puppetry and L.A. puppet artist, Marsian will also be there. No word on whether Archie Wood can make it.