Stuck at Sea (puppets on film)

In February, 2008 the official music video for Honorary Title’s Stuck at Sea began airing.  I operated hard to categorize puppets (walking letters of the alphabet, where the puppeteers were hidden in high contrast much like a green screen). Stuck at Sea was produced by DNA Films, directed by Toben Seymour with art direction by Cat Solen.

Puppeteers included Eli Presser, Rob Saunders, Ann Yatco, Marsian De Lellis and others.

From Wikipedia:

The Honorary Title was an American alternative indie rock band from Brooklyn, New York, United States. The band released their first self-titled EP “The Honorary Title” in 2003 and then their first album in 2004, Anything Else But the Truth, which was later re-released with five additional songs and two bonus videos. In early 2007 the EP, “Untouched and Intact” arrived introducing four songs, three of which were re-released in the group’s latest album, Scream and Light Up the Sky, which was released on August 28, 2007.

The band began in 2003 with just Gorbel’s vocals and Kamstra’s multi-instrumental talents, where they played with an indie record label before being signed onto Doghouse Records. After releasing their debut album, Anything Else But The Truth in 2004, the band eventually signed on ex-member of The Format, Adam Boyd (formerly of Greeley Estates), along with Jonathan Wiley. After heavy touring, the Honorary Title released Scream and Light Up The Sky in 2007. In late 2007, Aaron Kamstra left the band because of the constant touring schedule. Jonathan Wiley also left the band to tour with Adam Green. In an interview with on April 1st, 2008, Gorbel said, “Aaron and I always had different ideas of where we were headed both musically, artistically, personally blah blah blah. We spent more time arguing than actually creating music. I wish him the best of luck. Jon is currently touring with Adam Green. There’s no hard feelings, but we will miss him anyways; both amazing musicians.”

Gorbel released a solo EP called Ten Years Older on his 2009 acoustic tour with Dustin Dobernig. In an interview with, Gorbel says, “It’s considered a solo session, but…The Honorary Title might be over.” He also said he is working on a solo LP. On October 24, 2009, Jarrod announced that The Honorary Title would play their final show on Friday, November 20, 2009.

On August 31, 2010, Gorbel released his first solo LP “Devil’s Made a New Friend” under label Burning House Records.

Gorbel supported Hanson on the 3rd leg of their Shout It Out tour, starting November 1, 2010 in Dallas, TX and ending November 23 in Toronto, Ontario.

In 2012, Gorbel founded a new band, Night Terrors of 1927, along with friend Blake Sennett, former lead guitarist of the band Rilo Kiley.