The Scar of Visibility (critical essay)


In 2007, images and descriptions of my installation, Side Effects were included in a chapter of Petra Kuppers’ book, The Scar Of Visibility: Medical Performances And Contemporary ArtIn The Scar of Visibility, Petra Kuppers examined the use of medical imagery practices in contemporary art, as well as different arts of everyday life (self-help groups, community events, Internet sites), focusing on fantasies and “knowledge projects” surrounding the human body.

“De Lellis’s series, ‘Side Effects’ shows a range of different pills, their identifying marks and different shapes and sizes, in a disco-ball-like, festive, and colorful environment. The manipulation of of psychosis and schizophrenia diagnoses by medication, the treatment of choice within biomedicine, is refigured into a carnivalesque hallucinatory vision. . . Ambivalence hangs over the exhibition: a fascination and revulsion, attraction and denunciation, a buying in and buying out”

  • Respirdone #12, Marsian De Lellis, 2003

“The flash of science, and its miraculous color effects, beams, transpositions, and traversals, glistens on the photo paper.”

The Scar Of Visibility: Medical Performances And Contemporary Art
2007 (University of Minnesota Press), on Side Effects, an installation