The Scar of Visibility (review)

Respirdone #12, Marsian De Lellis, 2003
Respirdone #12, Marsian De Lellis, 2003

In 2007, my installation, Side Effects was included in a chapter of Petra Kuppers’ book, The Scar of Visibility. In The Scar of Visibility, Petra Kuppers examines the use of medical imagery practices in contemporary art, as well as different arts of everyday life (self-help groups, community events, Internet sites), focusing on fantasies and “knowledge projects” surrounding the human body.

“De Lellis’s series, ‘Side Effects’ shows a range of different pills, their identifying marks and different shapes and sizes, in a disco-ball-like, festive, and colorful environment. The manipulation of of psychosis and schizophrenia diagnoses by medication, the treatment of choice within biomedicine, is refigured into a carnivalesque hallucinatory vision. . . Ambivalence hangs over the exhibition: a fascination and revulsion, attraction and denunciation, a buying in and buying out”

The Scar Of Visibility: Medical Performances And Contemporary Art
2007 (University of Minnesota Press), on Side Effects, an installation

” The flash of science, and its miraculous color effects, beams, transpositions, and traversals, glistens on the photo paper.”

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