Providence Phoenix

On February 10th, 2006, The Providence Phoenix covered Dance: Closeup!, in which I was performing Birthday Trauma, a section from Growing Up Linda.

There are half-dozen local choreographers who usually take up all the space in Rhode Island media; they’re talented and established men and women, and we all know who they are. But there are several others applying themselves to the design of movement these days, and they’re not as well-known.

Dance: Close Up! helps rectify this with a weekend’s worth of shows. Theater, puppetry, and dance artists share the bill; along the way you’ll see works by Marsian De Lellis, Evolutions Movement Company, Lady Miss . Iris, Joan Merwyn’s Physical Theater, and Greg Cooper. Ellen Godena’s Threshhold – or why I don’t know what I don’t know uses Butoh-inspired figures to explain the revelations of a woman who “awakens to the existence of a second self inhabiting a parallel universe.” Nathan Andary’s Released finds three caged dancers jockeying for space while a black bird sits atop a roof; it features work by video artist, Alison Powell, and it scrutinizes “liberty and privilege.” The Rhode Island Independent Arts Collective presents the show today at 8PM and on Saturday at 7 at the Carriage House Theatre, 7 Duncan Street, Providence