The Archeology of the Recent Future Association, Vol. 2 (zine)

2002-AoRFed-2up-11-12-inv-16x9-100dpi The Archeology of the Recent Future Association

In 2002* I contributed one of my to-do lists as source material to “Ephemera #1-1000″section of The Archeology of the Recent Future Association, Vol. 2, a zine published by the Dirt Palace, in Olneyville, Rhode Island.

2002-AoRFed-2up-16x9-100dpi The Archeology of the Recent Future Association, Vol. 2

The Zine had a screen printed exterior and included the following sections: “Frog and Toad”, “A-R-F-A Letter of Introductions”, “Ephemera #1-1000”, “Scattered Treats”, and a “Centerfold”.

From the Introduction from the “A-R-F-A Letter of Introductions” section:

Dear Citizen,

The following collection of “Ephemera” was found as left by Human Beings residing primarily in several large-scale settlements scattered across the land-mass then known as “North America”. The majority of the writings originate in an area commonly referred to as “New England” (see section #23-J: “England”) – an area composed of extensive shorelines, diverse waterways, varied landscapes , and pervasive transportation and communications systems. The authors included herein lived circa 1945 A.D. to 2090 A.D., primarily in large communities (or “cities”) found along the coastal plain and in the piedmont region as well as a few scattered in other major urban areas (yet to be identified). They lived in relative comfort and participated in a variety of forms in the economy and ecology of their local societies, their Nation-State, and their Cosmos community – notably, manufacturing and transportation of industrial goods and materials; recreation and tourism; agriculture (to a limited extent – see section #419-9); resource extraction; and major service industries highly dependent on communications infrastructure and travel.

The writings focus to a great degree on daily activities and solar cycle events that have been deemed important and/or necessary to Survival – e.g. Communication with other Human Beings; attainment and distribution of Resources (especially symbolic materials as cultural artifacts and monies); care and maintenance of the physical Body and Home; and lastly responsibility to other Human Beings and the many different units of Leadership (collectively known as “The State”, “Ancestry”, and “History”). Note that many of the authors move seamlessly between concerns of self-preservation to those of familial / community preservation to species of preservation.

The authors themselves appear, in or the most part, to be concerned with the Good and the desire to create the Good and/or at least not cause Harm. Their success can be judged by Time and Understanding.

2002-AoRFed-2up-11-12-16x9-100dpi  The Archeology of the Recent Future Association, Vol. 2
The Archeology of the Recent Future Association, “Ephemera” Intro, List

From the Archeology of The Recent Future Association blog:

The Archaeology of the Recent Future Association.. is a moniker for many projects.. created individually and/or collaboratively: films/videos, community projects, zines, drawing, printmaking, installation, sculpture, music, curating, and writing. Through the diversity of media, the goal is always to make and support work that inspires vision, hope, and action for a better world, and to present such projects (whether they be objects, images, experiences, or ideas) in as honest, loving, and interesting a way as possible.

*2002 date approximate