True, Chicago, IL (exhibition)

In May 1995, my mixed media collage, True was part of the FYP (First Year Program) Exhibition at Betty Rymer Gallery in Chicago, IL.

This mixed media collage used LASER and inkjet prints, acrylic, oil paint, cardboard,  tinsel, cigarette butts, and other found objects. The collage sampled digitally altered photographs of myself and Dan Millman. Dan Millman previously appeared as a model in Space Dreams as part of Book Unbound, and as a live performer in Vigil as part of Assorted Cracker Jack Prizes.

The School of the Art Institute of Chicago’s Betty Rymer Gallery provides a provocative, stimulating forum for the exchange of ideas and discourse on contemporary work in the visual arts. Public exhibitions in the Betty Rymer Gallery highlight the diverse viewpoints of the students and faculty as well as artists working in Chicago, the US, and abroad.

The Betty Rymer Gallery is named in honor of Betty Rymer, the late wife of School Board of Governors member Barry Rymer. In 1989, Mr. Rymer made a major contribution to the School’s Advancement Program and a newly renovated gallery was opened as a result. Betty Rymer had many interests, one of which was a longstanding commitment to education and a belief in the support and nurturing of young people. Betty Rymer was also interested in art and in her later years took classes in painting in order to develop that interest. The Betty Rymer Gallery showcases the strength and diversity of the School’s programs, highlighting work from the departments and presenting special exhibitions.