WBZ News 4, Boston

On December 10, 1993, I was interviewed on WBZ-TV 4 Boston in a segment called about my work on legislation to protect LGBTQ students in Massachusetts public schools.

From “First In the Nation: Gay Students” on WBZ-TV Boston Channel 4th:

Jack Williams: A major victory today for gay rights advocates. Massachusetts became the first state in the nation to ban discrimination against gay children in public schools. The bill signed quietly into law by Governor Weld states that no student shall be discriminated against or have his studies interfered with on account of sexual orientation. Gay students lobbied hard for the bill. Studies show they are at higher risk for committing suicide and dropping out of school because of hostility from classmates and teachers

WBZ Channel 4 News Boston, December 10, 1993

Marsian De Lellis: I don’t know anyone personally, but I’d hope that if there were a few lawsuits that this would get the school systems in Massachusetts into shape to protect everyone so that they can have a safe and free education.

Jack Williams: The governor’s low key announcement that he signed the bill angered some gay rights activists. Mr. Weld mentioned it at a news conference and on another issue