USA Today 2/11/92 (Press)

On February 11th, 1992, USA Today covered the Governor’s Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth which laid the groundwork for the Gay and Lesbian Student Rights Law, which I worked on.

1992-02-11-USAT-Body-16x6-300dpi USA Today 1992 LGBTQ

More from “Gay Study”:

GAY STUDY: Massachusetts Gov. William Weld created the nation’s first Governor’s Commission on Gay and Lesbian Youth to study suicide, hate crimes and other special issues of gay youth. Weld, a Republican, said nearly 30% of youth suicides are homosexuals, and more than 25% of gay youths are forced from home because of sexual orientation. David LaFontaine of the Coalition for Lesbian and Gay Civil Rights said Weld is the nation’s “most pro-gay governor.”