(In)/Animate Objects: Support

(In)/Animate Objects was made possible with funding from the Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs and through fabrication and assistance from numerous individuals.

Awarded annually by DCA, the C.O.L.A. Fellowships support the creation of new works by a selection of the City’s most exemplary mid-career artists. The C.O.L.A. exhibition honors these creative visionaries and nurtures the symbiotic relationship between LA, its artists, its history, and its identity as an international arts capital.

DCA generates and supports high quality arts and cultural experiences for Los Angeles’ 4 million residents and 40 million annual overnight and day visitors. DCA advances the social and economic impact of the arts and ensures access to diverse and enriching cultural activities through: grant making, marketing, public art, community arts programming, arts education, and building partnerships with artists and arts and cultural organizations in neighborhoods throughout the City of Los Angeles.


Aimee Rousey

Adrian Rose Leonard

Ajax Stevens Hulce

Alicia Louise Wells

Alissa Hunnicutt

Allison de Fren

Amanda Faith Maddock

Amy Rush

Andrew Schmedake

Anne Clendening

Ariel Brickman


Ben Durocher

Broome Street
General Store

Charles Herman-Wurmfeld

Cheryl Revkin

Chris Sheets

Christine Papalexis

Dayna Mondello

Debra Broz

Devra Golden

Dolores De Lellis

Donna De Lellis

Eric Brightwell

Georgette Perantoni

Henry Watkins

Janie Geiser

Jenny Brown

Jean Marie Keevins

Jen Dohn Watkins

Jessie Anna Martinez-Wilton

Kate Katz

Kelly Hargraves

Kristin Charney

Lisa G. French

Liz Hara

Liz Brown

Liz Watson

Leah Olbrich

The Los Angeles
High School of the Arts

Luca Dalzell

Matilda Dohn Watkins

Martin Nepton

Mia Dalzell

Morgan Rebane

Maria Cristina Jimenez

Michele Dunn

O-Lan Jones

Pam Arciero

Peggy Maltby Etra

Peter Ceili

PJ McWhiskers

Renata De Lellis

Ronald De Lellis

Sarah Oh

Sharon Challenger

Simone C. Williams

Spencer Lott

Stephan Counts

Taylor Bibat

Tiffany Hope

Tina Koneazny

Tim Lagasse

Tony Agostinelli

Una Zipagan

velvet leigh

Wyatt Gray

Yoko Kanayama

Marsian Stitching, 2016, drawing: Chris Sheets
Marsian Stitching, 2016, drawing: Chris Sheets