View my work by the roles I have taken (as writer, director, visual artist, installation artist, curator, actor, puppeteer, performer of puppets on film and video, film and video artist, and designer) – or by discipline (including performances, group exhibitions, education and training).


While I create visual theatre, I have entered a phase of my work, where writing has become a strong spine upon which I build performances and installations.


Most of my original performances start off as self-directed, frequently with an outside eye.  But more and more I have been working with outside directors.

Visual Artist

Explore my visual art that has been exhibited by individual piece starting with the most recent.

Installation Artist

Explore my catalogue of installation art. There is not always a clear cut line between my installations and performance work. Increasingly, my installations have performative elements while ephemera from my performances work their way into my installations.

Film + Video Artist

In my work, film and video has been a significant component from short films and video art pieces to animations, installations, live streams, cinema created for live performance and even influencing the way I write performance texts in the language of film.


My curatorial projects have focused on performance art with an emphasis on live puppetry in intimate settings for adult audiences, LGBTQ artists and subject matter, puppetry on film, and interdisciplinary visual art.


As an actor the projects I have been involved in range from live theatre and performances, to short films, installations, improv, self-generated projects, and puppetry.


My work as a puppeteer ranges from live theatre to short films, installations, and improv, including both the projects of other artists and projects that are self-generated.

Film Puppeteer

See my work in puppetry for film, television and the web in music videos, pitches, commercials, and features.


Coming Soon – Look through designs I have created for live theater and performances, as well as collaborations with other designers.

IMG_2080 Burn Victim Doll, 1999


View my catalogue of original performances. While I construct visual narratives and installations that memorialize obsessional lives, I draw inspiration from offbeat characters whose private manias become public fodder for tabloids and reality television. The subjects of my performances may be other people but their struggles are highly personal.

Group Exhibitions

My paintings, sculptures, installations, photographs, videos, and performances have been featured in group shows in Boston, Seattle, Providence, Los Angeles, Chicago, Orlando, and Seattle.

Education + Training

My educational background extends to the fine arts, theatre, puppetry, improv, and yoga.